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as 2016

   Mr. Appliance

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    Glass Doctor

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  Rainbow Intl.®

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     Mr. Electric

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Grounds Guys

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Mr. Rooter

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Background should be a solid color.

Subject should stand 2 feet away from the background with his/her body at a 35-45° angle but face looking at the camera. This should eliminate shadows behind the person’s head.

Take photo from mid-chest level up.  We will frame the subject so all pictures look consistent.  Leave space above the person's head.


Use a flash with photographer standing approximately 6-8 feet away from the subject.  INSIDE  PHOTOS:  Soften light in room (close blinds, etc. to cut down on reflected light).  OUTSIDE  PHOTOS:  Determine the best place to take the photos without shade (even from caps on their heads).

When you email the photos, please either rename each photo or include full name and picture number in the comment part of the order forms.

If there are any questions, please contact us. We want your badges to positively represent your company and so the wearer is proud of it!

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